Easy Care T Rescue Shampoo

Easy Care T Rescue Shampoo

Phytotherapy treatments


Anti-hair loss shampoo gentle energizing for skin and hair.

Helps maintain the natural balance of the scalp by providing the essential elements for the life cycle of the follicle and the stem.


Available in 250 and 1000 ml .

Consisting of:

marine algae, that provide minerals and reinforcing substances ( Vitaplex ™ );
ginseng, ginko biloba and burdock , which stimulate the capillary circulation ( Trichogen ™ );
soy, which contains proteins and enzymes for regrowth ( Trichogen ™ );
cinnamon , characterized by strong anti-bacterial properties. ( Trichogen ™ ).
Thanks to vetiver, perennial herbaceous plant, the perfume increases concentration and mental clarity.

After wet hair, gently pour in and massage for 2/3 minutes, then rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.