Easy Care T / Easy Care T Clarity Fluid

Easy Care T

Easy Care T Clarity Fluid

Phytotherapy treatments

The well-being of always feeling at ease.

The anti-dandruff treatment with tangible results already from the first application.


Rebalancing anti-dandruff fluid for skin.

The particular formulation enriched with tea tree oil and thyme essential oil, combined with a light cutaneous massage, helps detach dandruff, facilitating its elimination in the following washing phase.


Single format: 100 ml.


Formulated on the basis of the phytotherapeutic principles of tea tree oil, which provides deep cleansing, and has a balancing action, and of the white thyme , which acts as a tonic and astringent.

In addition, the “Clarity” line is also characterized by the aromatherapy principles of sandal , whose perfume provides peace and serenity and fosters creativity and intuition, and of tobacco, which transmits heat and well-being, conferring charisma.


Place the product directly on the skin and distribute it with a gentle massage. Leave for about 3/5 minutes, then wet the hair and clean it with Easy Care T Clarity Shampoo.