Easy Care T Rescue Lotion

Easy Care T Rescue Lotion

Phytotherapy treatments


Energizing and revitalizing anti-hair lotion for skin and hair.

Stimulates the circulation and restores the normal life cycle of the hair, reducing the loss by restructuring and strengthening them.


Single format: 10 × 8 ml.

Consisting of:
marine algae , which provide mineral salts and reinforcing substances ( Vitaplex ™ );
ginseng, ginko biloba and burdock , which stimulate the capillary circulation ( Trichogen ™ );
soy , which contains proteins and enzymes for regrowth ( Trichogen ™ );
cinnamon , characterized by strong anti-bacterial properties. ( Trichogen ™ )
Thanks to vetiver, perennial herbaceous plant, the perfume increases concentration and mental clarity.

Apply directly to the skin and massage with your fingers to spread over the entire scalp.