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When Sharing Knowledge and Passion Radiates Plovdiv: Artego Bulgaria's 'It's Colour' Seminar


In a context where the sharing of knowledge is harmoniously intertwined with emotional expression, the atmosphere inevitably becomes charged with constant luminosity. This was the essence that permeated the ‘It’s Colour’ seminar, an emblematic event organised by Artego Bulgaria, held in the bustling city of Plovdiv during the month of March.

Under the expert guidance of Dragomir Nikolaev and Denica Andreeva, lecturers at Artègo, and in collaboration with a select group of extraordinarily gifted hairdressers, the participants had a stimulating experience, conducive to both learning and innovation.

The harmony created between the professionals and the participants triggered a dynamic of creative energy, propelling impressive and tangible results.

This event offered a valuable training opportunity, focusing on cutting-edge techniques and the latest trends in colouring, enabling all those present to expand their professional skills. In addition to the acquisition of new technical skills, the seminar fostered a culture of open dialogue between participants, encouraging the exchange of ideas and strengthening their passion for the art of hairdressing.

“The ‘It’s Color’ seminar has established itself as a pivotal moment for Artego Bulgaria, highlighting its commitment to promoting excellence and innovation within the hairstyling world.

Through high-profile training initiatives such as this one, Artego Bulgaria not only consolidates its leadership in the industry but also stimulates the development and empowerment of the hairdressing community, fostering an environment that goes beyond mere learning, moving towards the prospect of a bright future for the profession.

In conclusion, the ‘It’s Color’ seminar held in Plovdiv brilliantly demonstrated how synergy and shared passions can culminate in a memorable experience, leaving an indelible mark on both the participants and the entire city, which witnessed an event that significantly lightened the overall atmosphere. Find out more about the event.




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The exclusive Comasi Salon in Cernavod hosts a successful event with Artego Romania


In the vibrant beauty and hairstyling scene, the Comasi Salon in Cernavod recently caught the eye with an exclusive event that demonstrated its dedication to innovation and hair care.

This prestigious salon raised its doors to host a special event organised in collaboration with Artego Romania, led by renowned trainer Andreea Calin.

The event represented a unique opportunity for hairstyling enthusiasts to discover and experience Artègo’s most coveted treatment: the regenerating botox-effect nectar Artego Dream Diamond. This innovative treatment promises to give hair a new vitality, making it more nourished, shiny and incredibly healthy. The hair stylists present had the opportunity to put their skills to the test with this top product, offering customers tangible proof of its extraordinary results.

The enthusiasm and interest shown by the organisers and participants made this event a real success. The commitment to providing innovative and high quality solutions in the hairstyling industry was clearly evident, both from Comasi Salon and Artego Romania. Guests were able to appreciate not only the beauty of the results achieved, but also the welcoming and professional atmosphere that characterised the entire event.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Artego Romania and the Comasi Salon, customers have the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary beauty experience that leaves their hair visibly transformed and radiantly healthy.

A new COLOURIMETRY seminar in Galati!


A new era of colourimetry took hold in Galati, as an exciting seminar dedicated to beauty and hair care got underway. Proudly, the team composed of Adriana Mina, renowned master trainer of Artego Romania, and Olivia Dudas, expert trainer of Artego, took the stage to share the latest innovations and techniques in the field of hair colouring and hair care.

The event was enthusiastically attended by Galati stylists, eager to update their skills and keep up with the latest industry trends. Through a series of engaging and interactive sessions, participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills, exploring new methodologies and strategies to improve treatment results.

Colorimetry is not only an artistic practice, but also a sophisticated science that requires dedication and expertise. With its tireless commitment to supporting the growth and development of professionals in the field, the seminar provided a valuable platform for learning and knowledge exchange. Participants had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of colourimetry, explore the latest trends and discover best practices for achieving amazing results.

In this dynamic learning environment, the interaction between participants and industry experts resulted in lively discussions and the sharing of innovative ideas. Besides improving their technical skills, participants were able to expand their professional network and draw inspiration from other members of the arts community.

As a team, we are committed to supporting the continuing education and specialisation of beauty professionals. We extend our warmest thanks to our customers for their continued support and dedication.

For further updates and to stay connected with the latest news in the world of colour and hair care, please visit our social channels.

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Summer Look Seminar


Meeting of showbiz personalities at the exclusive ‘Artego Hellas’ hair studio in Piraeus, for the new Summer Look Seminar!

Elpida and Nikos Katsatsosos organised another sell-out seminar with hair expert Gary Madrous and the theme: ‘Summer Look’.
Many celebrities from the worlds of art and journalism, as well as hairdressing professionals flocked to the Studio ‘Artego Hellas’. All the guests were informed about the new line of hair protection products, the latest trends in summer colours and all the tips for a flawless wet summer look, again with products from the ‘Deco Beauty’ line.
Read the full article.

Galardón Revelación Nacional

The National Revelation Award

Galardon Revelación Nacional took place on the 2nd July, in the concert hall of the Valencia trade Fair.
The National Revelation Award is a combination of design, fashion, hairstyle and personality and it is characterised each year by the big names in the world
of hairdressing and fashion who take the stage.

The goal of this extraordinary event is: "To raise and innovate hard work and motivation to stand out and achieve a dream or a career goal", say its managers Monika Gil, Juan M. Herrero and Tono Sanmartín. The National Revelation Award is sponsored by Artego.

Thanks to Josè Cambrils and Maite Bordes, owners of Issus Cos, Artègo Distributor in Spain.

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Galardón Revelación Nacional

The National Revelation Award
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Meeting of showbiz favorites at the sold out. Research Innovation and Training Seminar of "Artego Hellas"


The first sold-out seminar for the new year of the well-known Greek organic hair products company “Artego Hellas” was a great success. Many celebrities from the art world and journalism flocked early to the Artego Studio in Piraeus to attend the presentation by world-renowned research and development technician Luigi Formica and new techniques by hair expert Dimitris Tzanis. Participants were briefed on the new methods and tools professionals need to be ready for today’s new challenges, as well as the company’s philosophy on implant technology.

The owners of “Artego Hellas,” Elpida and Nikos Katsatsosos, as experienced professionals in the field of professional hair care, always offer useful and up-to-date technical advice that enhances the services of every salon and professional in the industry. “Artego Hellas,” present in more than 50 international markets since 1997 and with the best reviews in terms of innovation and philosophy of its products, guarantees the highest level of vegan products, advanced training with the goal of completely satisfied clients.

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OASIS SS23 Collection

Fashion Week

The events that you’ve been waiting for are back!

The first to open the new season is Artego Australia, in partnership with the Australian designer @karlaspetic for @afterpayau @ausfashionweek .

” The hair follows a natural aesthetic – fluid with long and short lengths that falls over the face and gives the illusion of having just stepped out of the water”.
– says: @matthew_ashton_stylist, Creative Director for @karlaspetic OASIS SS23 Collection.

Thanks to @artegohaircareaus Creative Team.

For more information on the AAFW 2022 fashion show read the articles by StyleIcons and TheJournal. 



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OASIS SS23 Collection: Artégo X Karla Špetić

Fashion Week