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Galardón Revelación Nacional

The National Revelation Award

Galardon Revelación Nacional took place on the 2nd July, in the concert hall of the Valencia trade Fair.
The National Revelation Award is a combination of design, fashion, hairstyle and personality and it is characterised each year by the big names in the world
of hairdressing and fashion who take the stage.

The goal of this extraordinary event is: "To raise and innovate hard work and motivation to stand out and achieve a dream or a career goal", say its managers Monika Gil, Juan M. Herrero and Tono Sanmartín. The National Revelation Award is sponsored by Artego.

Thanks to Josè Cambrils and Maite Bordes, owners of Issus Cos, Artègo Distributor in Spain.

Galardón Revelación Nacional

The National Revelation Award

OASIS SS23 Collection

Fashion Week

The events that you’ve been waiting for are back!

The first to open the new season is Artego Australia, in partnership with the Australian designer @karlaspetic for @afterpayau @ausfashionweek .

” The hair follows a natural aesthetic – fluid with long and short lengths that falls over the face and gives the illusion of having just stepped out of the water”.
– says: @matthew_ashton_stylist, Creative Director for @karlaspetic OASIS SS23 Collection.

Thanks to @artegohaircareaus Creative Team.

For more information on the AAFW 2022 fashion show read the articles by StyleIcons and TheJournal. 



OASIS SS23 Collection: Artégo X Karla Špetić

Fashion Week

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