Temporary Waves


Wavy mousse to texturize hair, giving waves, movement and volume for 4 to 8 weeks. Without fixing because it does not provide the neutralization phase.

A single product for all types of hair that ensures a natural and soft movement.


Single format 300 ml.

Characterized by the presence of Cysteamine , a natural active ingredient derived from the Amino Acid Cysteine ​​ that is an important structural element of capillary keratin and that gently blocks the shape, in the most absolute respect for the structure of the hair.

Does not contain thioglycolates and ammonia.

Cleanse the hair with the Artègo shampoo that is most suitable for the hair structure. Rinse and pat carefully. Proceed with the assembly of the curlers according to the chosen style. Shake the can well and dispense the product on each curler (at the front, centrally and posteriorly) from a distance of 5 cm. Once the application is finished, the product must remain in place for 5 to 30 minutes depending on the type of hair of the client and the type of service desired. On the laying time, evaluate the length of the hair, the type of assembly and the shape of the curler. for this reason it is recommended to proceed with the curl test every 5 minutes.

The waveling service with parameter t soft revolution is not recommended on particularly sensitized hair, treated with traditional straighteners or latest generation keratin smoothers.