Thinning hair, how to strengthen it?

Often naturally fine hair and hair thinned by poorly managed services or aggressive treatments are the despair of women and their
hairstylists. In fact,”fine” hair is difficult to manage, does not take and hold ”the blow-dry” ,gets dirty and weighed down very
easily; the hair often appears somewhat thinning with a flat, volume-less appearance, lacking in shine and elasticity. Its
strengthening and plumping, visible and appreciable from the very first days of treatment, is ensured by Artègo through the
constant use of Rain Dance Blooming Elixir a few drops massaged into the scalp. A precious fluid with an exclusive phyto-
technological formula, rich in highly concentrated bio-natural ingredients (a complex called IPSTIC) that stimulates the activity of
the hair bulb by promoting the production of structural keratin and speeding up hair regrowth, thickening and strengthening the

Artègo also recommends the use of specific and appropriate products such as Rain Dance Volume Shampoo to cleanse and
Rain Dance Multy-Benefit Leave on spray to create style; or Good Society 46 Nourishing Shampoo followed, before styling, by Good Society 90 Free Shape Modelling mousse.