Summer 2022: The braids that are trending.

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Among the coolest trends of the moment we definitely find boxer braids: thick braids that start from the top of the nape of the neck.

This type of hairstyle has a long history: it was used in the United States by African American women around the mid 1800s, until it became a must-have today.
They can be done in a thousand different ways, but the most popular boxer braids
are of two types:

– French braided boxer braids: these are the classic braids, made with three strands of hair that are braided from the top of the head. For a simpler, evergreen look.
Dutch braided boxer braids: the strands of hair are not placed on top of the previous ones, but are braided in reverse, from underneath, making the design of the braid more visible for a decidedly stronger look.
The trend of these hairstyles was especially raised by celebrities . It is impossible not to think of Kim Kardashian: she was the one that brought the trend into vogue; in Italy instead Chiara Ferragni chose a disheveled version perfect for a street style look.