What is Keratin ?

Keratin is the name given to the protein that basically makes up our hair.

It occurs as long, intertwined filaments that run the length of the hair.

These fibers are enveloped by an outer structure, composed of flat, amorphous cells also filled with keratin, overlapping
one another like”roof tiles” that go to form a compact lamina, containing and protective.

It is obvious, therefore, that all so-called professional long-lasting ”reconstructions”(also called ”keratins” for short) contain in their formula a considerable amount of this
protein or portions of its molecule that will be attempted to adhere to the damaged parts of the inner fibers and on the surface of
the hair.

In this way it will be possible to go about reconstructing the missing sections and repairing those that are structurally

At this point, the action of special functional substances that are activated by heat allow the new reconstructive
bonds that have been formed to become fixed and maintained for a long time in and on the hair. The most appropriate and widely
used tool for applying heat is the ”flat iron” with which the professional is able to offer his clients not only an efficient
reconstruction but also a very long-lasting hair disciplining or smoothing service.

Artègo’s range includes salon products addressed to this type of treatment in two of the families into which its professional proposal is divided: in Rain Dance with Thermo Active Repair Fluid and Deep Repair Mask and in Easy Care T with New Regeneration Lissage.

In both cases, the protocols of use suggested to the professional provide much shorter service times than those averaged by other brands, and long-lasting results (even beyond two months) with effects of disciplined smoothness and anti-frizz that are decidedly natural and voluminous without the
unbelievable ”unnatural – doll” effect that is often noticed on some clients who undergo the service.