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It’s Color Cream Based Permanent Color

Permanent Color Cream

Complete coverage of white hair for intense and brilliant results, combined with maximum protection of skin and hair integrity. Unique protection and cosmeticity that leave room for the best interpretation of color through a great variety of classic and original reflexes.


Permanent cream color for bright, long lasting and stable colors. Maximum protection of the integrity of skin and hair but at the same time lightening result up to 4/5 levels with 100% coverage of white hair.

Great variety of classic and original nuances that give precise, vibrant reflections without any toning for an intense and brilliant result. It does not drip, does not stain, does not irritate and in addition to precise and visible application, it is also easy to rinse.


Single format 150ml.


Characterized by a high quantity and variety of pigments. Formulation with Milk and Coconut Oil Amino Acids and Oligomineral . In addition, presence of the Amphoteric Molecule that gives uniformity and balance.

Available in 100 shades plus 9 super /ultra superschiarants, 2 lightening additives, 3 intensifiers, 3 correctors, 1 neutral.


Usable with oxygen IT’S COLOR O2 at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 volumes.
1: 1 color /oxidant mixing ratio, with 1: 2 super-lighteners.