How to tell if hair is damaged?

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Damaged hair is characterized by a dull and lifeless appearance and has little softness and flow. We struggle to make it voluminous and keep it styled, since in many cases is frizzy and has split ends. The main factor in their deterioration is the “oxidative stress”, to which they are subjected due to the
inevitable exposure to oxygen in the air, but also due to treatments such as coloring, bleaching, waving or aggressive services performed with little expertise.
In addition, especially in summer, the long and more direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays is another decisive factor of damage, so-called ”photo-oxidation”, which not only exacerbates the already mentioned undesirable effects, but also causes the obvious degradation of both natural and cosmetic
coloring that we can observe in hot weather.
To successfully intervene on damaged hair, it is essential to work on both its internal structure to make it stronger, more resistant and manageable, and on the external lamina that wraps and protects it, restoring shine, silkiness and ultimately a healthier appearance to the hair. The professional salon repair and
reconstructive products and treatments in Artego’s Easy Care T Dream Repair line, perform this task very effectively, restoring  all the naturalness and splendor of healthy, well-groomed hair to damaged one.
Through the process of application with heat, the active ingredients are welded to the hair, enriching the hair fiber and creating a film that completely regenerates the shaft. While at home you can use Easy Care T Dream Shampoo for a laminating effect of sublime beauty.
In summer, as prevention, it will be necessary to rely on the protective features of Artègo Rain Dance Summer Beauty line, shielding from UV rays, by distributing Summer Beauty Thermal Protetive Oil on the hair before going to the beach (it nourishes the hair thanks to its antioxidant action); then, for cleansing and post-sea treatment, apply Rain Dance Summer Beauty Shampoo and Bath (deeply purifies the hair and body, cleaning from the residues of saltiness, chlorine and limestone).