Hair and summer: how to protect them

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Hair and summer: how to protect them

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and for those going to the beach or pool, having soft and shiny hair can become a challenge.

Chlorine is the main enemy of hair, especially dyed hair.


Hair damaged by chlorine? Let’s see why


Chlorine damages the natural protection given by the hydrolipid film and dries the skin, while on the hair it tends to swell the cuticle consequently exposing the cortex, i.e. the structural part of the hair, to contact with chlorine. This results in: dryness, premature aging, the appearance of brittle hair and split ends, loss of shine and both natural and cosmetic color change.

Does your hair color change after swimming in the pool?


No fear! Chlorine can alter hair color, the most "at-risk" subjects in fact are blond or red hair, but also browns that might vary into a reddish-orange!
In fact chlorine, oxidizes i.e., highlifts or bleaches the hair. If not adequately protected it will also tend to discolor.
In addition to chlorine, however, during the hot season we will also need to protect
our hair from sunlight exposure and UV rays, which can cause weakening of the scalp’s microcirculation, as well as drying out the hair, which will appear drier, more brittle and dull.


How can we protect the hair from chlorine and salt when we go to the pool or beach?


Artègo offers RAIN DANCE SUMMER BEAUTY line with protective, anti-oxidant and restorative action. The line is formulated with silk and soy proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil, Camellia and Tsubaki Oil, enriched with a phyto complex of natural ingredients :REGENINE COMPLEX, made from apples, lemons, grapes and wheat bran (all grown in Italy) and processed through a patented process.
The use of Rain Dance Summer Beauty line, before, during and after chlorine/salt and sun exposure,makes the hair shinier due to the anti-lime and anti-sea salt effect and also has a sealing action on the cuticles, protecting colored hair from dulling.
On the skin, on the other hand, it acts as a gentle effective peel (efficacy proven in in vitro studies) for skin renewal. The complex of phyto-technological ingredients provides excellent hydration and protection, both from chlorine and salt and from UV exposure, without weighing down or making it greasy.

The oils in the formulation also act as a physical barrier against chlorine and
simultaneously moisturize the hair.
Here are three simple tricks for you to adopt before diving in:

1) Before entering the pool/sea, moisten the hair with fresh water so as to limit excessive absorption of chlorinated/salty water and protect the hair with
Summer Beauty Thermal Protective Oil.
Repeat the application several times throughout the day for perfect hair
2) Rinse away chlorine washing the hair with Summer Beauty shampoo & bath at the end of the day. Summer Beauty Shampoo & bath is formulated to purify
hair and skin from chlorine, salt and lime residue, cleanses gently (SLS/SLES AND PARABEN FREE) while providing hydration and nourishment.
3) Condition and hydrate the hair properly through the application of Summer Beauty Conditioner. This will immediately detangle the hair, and leaving it on
for a few minutes will add new vitality, nourishment, hydration and conditioning.
4) Use protective oils such as Rain Dance Argan oil, Good Society Argan
Supreme, Crystal drops and Touch Thermo shimmer when drying, taking care to apply them especially to the ends and the most sensitized areas of the hair.