The Philosophy

WE BELIEVE IN KNOWLEDGE. IN KNOWING HOW TO DO THINGS. WE BELIEVE IN GOOD PRACTICE. Our DNA is made by PEOPLE that make the DIFFERENCE: with their SKILLS, EXPERIENCES, COMMITMENT and ENTHUSIASM. We believe in the importance of RESEARCH and UPSTANDING INNOVATION. We believe in respecting the world, people, knowledge.

The OPTIMISM of our vision guides us towards the horizon; and it’s this JOURNEY THAT ENRICHES US WITH BEAUTY.

The Training #BeautifulMind

If we think about Artègo’s company mission, which is giving value to our hairdressers, helping our Salons to grow and satisfy our customers, it’s easy to understand the central role that training has for our brand.

Walking alongside the hairstylists in a training path is a commitment we take very seriously and that is why our project is efficient.

Dicono di noi

… I fell in love with your products since I tried them! I knew some of them. Your hairspray is amazing, light and elastic. But your Rain Dance line wins it all. Rain Dance Milk Spray is a drug for my colored hair, I use it every day to hydrate it. I'm an Artègo supporter!

Monica Ferrara, Customer

I tried your masks for colored hair by chance and I love them! Color Shine Mask Blueberry is amazing! I can't wait to get in the shower to feel that smell!

Fabiana Flavoni, Hairdresser

With Artègo I feel comfortable…great products and amazing training courses

Estro acconciature, Italian Salon

Products are good and classes are amazing..I would attend one if I could.

Franca Forconi, Hairdresser

One of the worlds fastest growing hairstyling line

Dino Cairo, Artègo Distributor in Canada

Il nostro rating


I love all your products, they make the hair beautiful without harming it!

Mileydis Labrada Rodriguez

We have all the products from this company. All is perfect, and the training courses are great!

Paola Tommasi, Hairdresser

Great fashion collections and training! Always on top of it!

Paolo Spadafina

I consider Artègo a company that provides unique products for hairdresser and not for retail outlets, thus professional products.

The thing that pleases me more, of Artègo, is the continuous improvement of products even though they are already exceptional.

The great advantage that I find using Artègo is precisely given by continuous research and continuous product improvement.

Artègo for me is: Evolutionary, Innovative, Exclusive.

Maurizio D'Alessio, Salon owner

I had the chance to know Artègo and I have been using it for 8-9 years.

Artègo is perfect for me!!! It's Color is one of the products I use more, it has a great coverage.

One more incredible line is Rain Dance.

One of the greatest advantages of Artègo is that it constantly renews itself.

Artègo for me is: Complete, Unique, Joyful.

Rosa Pastore, Salon owner

I know Artègo from the start. I met the brand in one of the Salon where I worked and 6 years ago when I opened mine I started working with it.

I think Artègo has excellent products with excellent quality / price ratio. In the last two years it is growing and evolving more and more, keeping pace with the demands of the market.

I find that the three color families are very satisfactory. The rain dance line is very niche.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that it is an Italian line and which has several products and various prices and product types.

For me Artego is: Complete, Easy, Ideal.

Silvano Pirilli, Salon owner

I have always known Artègo. I started with the brand when it was starting.

I find that Artègo is a company focused on the needs of the customer, eager to receive recommendations about products' growth, and it has a good corporate coordination ... maybe it should invest more on customers, who want to give Artègo a good image. In short, very good rating.

What pleases me most is the quality / price ratio and the chemical study beyond the products, rich in innovations.

As for the benefits, I think Artègo, being a young company, is perfect as it is: it is growing.

For me Artègo is: Intelligent, Generous, Different

Silvio Bassetti, Salon owner

I met Artègo through an agent.

I think Artègo produces fantastic products, colors cover 100%.

What satisfies me the most about Artègo is It's Color

The main advantage is coverage on greyhair, I am greatly satisfied.

For me Artègo is: Superlative, infallible, inimitable.

Daniele elia, Salon owner

I met Artègo through our local distributor. I have been using the products for about 10 years.

I think Artègo has professional and reliable products, easy to offer to all customers.

I am very lucky in being able to say that I am happy with the entire range of products.

Personally, since I got the Salon, I always used Artègo. I could test a few brands of other companies, the aromas and the concentration and the final results are incomparable; especially "It's color", I will never change it.

For me Artègo is: Simple, Scented, Reliable.

Cristina Cacopardo, Salon owner

I met Artègo thanks to our local distributor and use its products since 2004.

I find that the company is very careful about everything, in every sense.

What satisfies me the most about Artègo is versatility, it is all you need to express what you have inside.

The biggest advantage of Artègo is their interest for the hairdresser and a very high human quality.

For me Artègo is: Fantastic, Simple, Joyful.

Alessandro Palumbo, Salon owner

I met Artego by chance thanks to my distributor and it's been 5 years since I started using

their products.

I think Artègo offers a wide range of products, modern and

reliable, where undoubtedly the color and care products are the best.

What I appreciate most about it is the completeness of the

range and the satisfaction about the hair color.

What differentiates Artègo respects to other brands is color endurance

and comfort during the technical service.

For me it is Artègo: Modern, Dependable, Complete.

Giuseppe Gerace, Salon owner

I have been using Artègo since 2004 thanks to some collegues that introduced me to the brand.

I think the coloring gives excellent results and finish are of good


Good quality and merchandising support are the aspects that

I find it more satisfactory.

Surely the professionalism of the company and the good quality-price ratio differs Artègo positively if compared to other brands.

For me Artègo is: Professionalism, Quality, Price.

Gabriele Tracconaglia, Salon owner

Good evening everyone, I wanted to give you my opinion on Artègo products. I used Good Society, line 'Smoothing n. 44, and is fabulous! Shampoo begins the action and softens the hair, the conditioner follows giving silkiness'. My hair is soft and have volume, it looks like I just came out from the hairdresser. I brought the products on vacation with me and despite the salty air and the sun have not lost their effectiveness! I AM ENTHUSIASTIC! I will never let it go!


I have been working with Artègo for 4 years now, and I'm not looking for anything else. Colors are the best, as well as other products. There's nothing like Artègo on the market. It evolves year by year and keeps getting better. I recommend it to everybody.

Gaetan Marnegrave

Kindness and true harmony, but mostly a real attention for natural products; when I want to cuddle my hair..I think about Artègo!!!

Maria Giorgia Carruxi

"Great products, excellent results, maximum respect for the health of the hair; shine and versatility!"

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