La decolorazione rovina i capelli ? ecco cosa ha fatto Artègo…

”bleaching” is a technique used by hairstyle professionals to obtain a sometimes even very pronounced lightening of the
hair, now widely used in salons to realize, in a relatively short time, the dream of many brunette and brown clients to have blond or even very light hair, like Marilyn Monroe . The product used on these occasions is a powder or cream, referred to generically as a ” bleaching agent” which when properly mixed with oxygen at various volumes (more or less concentrated) is able, by an oxidative process, to degrade both melanins (the proteins responsible for its natural color)
and also the synthetic pigments responsible for cosmetic color inside the hair. But oxidation, as can be guessed, can also involve the hair’s internal structural keratin fiber of and its outer coating, with a more or less pronounced deterioration that often leads to the claim that this process ”ruined” the hair. And this is why Artègo, true to the company claim: ”Care for beauty” makes available to the professional not just a single bleaching agent but an entire family of lightening
products called ”Deco Beauty”, featuring the latest formulation technologies: 4 in powder (X-Light, No-Am, Balayage and Lovely Light powder) and 1 in cream (Lovely Light cream) to guarantee the best lightening performance on every type of hair; all enriched with natural protective and moisturizing elements, including: cotton oil, extracts from coconut and corn and milk proteins to fully respect the structure of the hair and take care of its beauty – and still makes available all the experience of its technical trainers to suggest to client salons every precaution and caution to be taken to perform the service in the best and safest way; provides professionals with a deep knowledge of all the lightening formulas to accompany them in choosing the most appropriate reference for the case treated and for proper use.