Rain Dance

RAIN DANCE symbolizes NATURE’S TIME : in its concept, it has always meant energy, vitality, growth, beauty, reconciliation with our life’s pace and intimate harmony.
RAIN DANCE means CARE FOR BEAUTY, because it comes with the CARE and the BEAUTY that nature creates. Inspired by nature, that continuously renews and recreates itself thanks to its ancient and endless principles and to the richness of its vital elements; limitless source of rebirth, transformation, evolution and beauty; a rainbow of scents, colors, shades: extraordinary in shape and details.
RAIN DANCE is the result of great PHYTO – SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH; with RAIN DANCE we developed real PRODUCT-TREATMENTS with NATURAL and CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, that find the deepest balance with the SCIENCE OF BEAUTY, to favor a healthy and powerful hair growth; gentle FRAGRANCES and cosmetic TEXTURES creating EFFICIENT FORMULATIONS and exceptional COSMETIC PERFORMANCES.
RAIN DANCE helps creating an ATMOSPHERE of deep SENSORY fulfillment, a satisfying BEAUTY EXPERIENCE , inside and around us.
RAIN DANCE proposes a stimulating and alluring RETAIL AREA , where beauty, textures, fragrances and accessories will captivate you.

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