X-Light Blue Powder Bleach with cotton oil – 3KG


Powder bleacher enriched with panthenol, for constant hydration, and essential oils to guarantee a viscous and non-volatile mixture.


Available in 1kg or 3 kg formats.

Product Description


Formula enriched with panthenol which ensures constant hydration and essential oils that make the mixture more viscous and oily (moisturizing), providing protection to the hair. Addition of blue micropigments to counteract any residual warm tones. Easy to mix and to apply, it does not clump, it does not drip and it does not swell. The powder is pleasantly scented with refreshing mint and is not absolutely volatile.



1 scoop (30 g) of X-Light powder must be mixed with 1 or 2 O2 Artègo oxygen scoops, not over  30 volumes, depending on the desired density. Always mix in a non-metallic or glass bowl. Do not exceed the time of bleaching and frequently check the process until the desired level is reached, then rinse thoroughly and wash with Easy Care Magical Color shampoo followed by the conditioner of the same line.