Good Society 95 Gentle Volume Root Spray

Are your hair thin and delicate, weak or thinned?

Gentle Volume products will take care of them, make them stronger and fuller, voluminous and easy to handle.


Finish spray ideal for giving volume and thickness to the hair, leaving it soft and shiny and reinforcing it from the root.

Particularly suitable for thin and weak hair.



Single format 150 ml .

Product Description


A rich bioactive component (mixture of many ingredients such as amino acids, aminosaccharides and vitamins) that helps strengthen the hair from the root.

Guar flour , which increases the thickness, rigidity and brightness of the hair; oligomineral elements including copper, magnesium and zinc , protect and support the hair structure.

Sweet fragrance of clementine and vanilla.


On damp hair, dispense the product on the roots and then comb the hair. Also dispense on the lengths to maximize the effect, then proceed with drying.