Good Society 44 Soft Smoothing Shampoo

The long straight hair that caresses a woman’s shoulders while walking, has an incredible power of seduction.

Soft Smoothing makes your hair smooth, soft, disciplined and shiny, protecting it from frizz.



Smoothing shampoo. Discipline and relax rebellious hair, control frizz. The effects remain with the humidity.



Available in 250ml and 1000ml .

Product Description


Crondo Crispo ( red seaweed ), a small red alga rich in magnesium and zinc, which covers the hair with a water-repellent and smoothing film with detangling and softening properties.

Jojoba oil , precious essence, which moisturizes and shines the hair. Vitamin E , powerful antioxidant, which protects against the aggressions of atmospheric agents.

Fragrance of rose magnolia and fructos, a seductive blend of aromas of flowers and fruit that gently wraps.



Distribute on wet hair. Massage gently with a gentle movement of the fingers.

Apply Soft Smoothing Conditioner.