NHS Diamond Filler


Innovative restructuring treatment that returns hair shine and vitality.

Product Description


Special solution based on osmotic water and hyaluronic acid.

Dry, brittle and treated hair will immediately be strong and luminous, thanks to the combined regenerating action of the exclusive mix of caviar , vitamin E , vitamin PP .



Wash your hair With New Hair System Diamond Pre-Shampoo to prepare your hair for action of treatment. Extract from the New Hair System Diamond Filler vial using the appropriate syringe and dilute it in a bowl with Diamond Elixir in the dose indicated in the instructions. Mix until a smooth cream is obtained. Make 4 vertical sections and proceed with the brush application on damp hair, starting from 0.5 cm from the root to the ends making sure to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.


Cover with cotton cap or towel and leave on for 15 minutes under heat. Rinse partially with cold water depending on the type of treatment. Comb and proceed with the usual free-hand drying. Conclude the treatment with the plate on completely dry hair. For details on application and plating procedures, read the instructions carefully.