Phytotech Style & Finish


Revitalizing cream with Limnanthes Alba seeds.

Professional product for concentrated hair, with cosmetic results immediately perceptible to the touch. The first “care” gesture to restore the right strength and energy to all types of hair without weighing them down. Formulation that guarantees the maximum expression of the active MACROPRO.


Single size: 200 ml.

Limnanthes Alba: Limnanthes oil has a very high penetration capacity that ensures a restructuring and physicalizing effect.

Apply in small doses on wet hair as a ‘care base’ you can overlap with every other styling product, or either mix with any other styling product beforehand.

Four results with a single gesture:
1. Body and volume to fine hair,
2. Natural vitality to stressed hair,
3. Definition and right degree of humidity for a long time for a perfect management of cutting times
4. Reduction of porosity and anti-aesthetic frizz.

Releases a pleasant scent of sweet vanilla notes and verbena and mandarin accords.