Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Fluid

Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Fluid



Extraordinary fluid with reconstructing and sealing action. It reconstructs the hair in depth, making it thicker and elastic. It has a soothing and protective action on the cuticle.


150 ml

High concentration of Keratin and Amino acids to rebuid the hair internally; Castor Oil, with a nourishing and soothing action; select ingredients originating from Olive Oil and Cardoon, certified organic, and Glycerin, with hydrating, conditioning and protective action during thermal stresses, Suga, with sealing action; Glyoxylic Acid, with anti-frizz effects.

Apply on clean moist hair. Comb to distribute evenly and perform a massage all over the length.

Blow-dry. Do not rinse. Apply Deep Repair Mask afterwards.