Multiphlex Additive

Multiphlex Additive

Your Professional Safeguard


Treatment based on substances of organic origin that protects and restructures the hair during technical services.
Used in combination with all chemical treatments, it allows to recover the natural well-being of the hair without compromising the final result of the service. In the same way it protects and prevents damage from aggressive chemical treatments.
It is easy to use and instantly improves hair quality and structure. It strengthens the keratin bonds damaged during previous treatments and guarantees maximum safety during all types of technical work.


Available in bottles of 100 or 250 ml . Sold exclusively in packs with Multiphlex Perfector .

Formula based on substances of organic origin, does not contain silicones, sulphates, aldehydes or other aggressive substances.

The contained substances penetrate inside the capillary fibers creating a thin protective film.

Respect the indicated doses and the sequence of the steps: mix the Artègo colors and /or bleachers with the relative activators; add the required amount of Multiphlex Additive ; mix everything; apply and keep to the times of the service; rinse. Next, apply Multiphlex Perfector and follow shutter speeds; proceed with final rinsing and washing.