It’s Color Cream Based Peroxide Developer

It’s Color Cream Based Peroxide Developer

Permanent Color Cream

Complete coverage of white hair for intense and brilliant results, combined with maximum protection of skin and hair integrity. Unique protection and cosmeticity that leave room for the best interpretation of color through a great variety of classic and original reflexes.


Creamy emulsion, without hydrogen peroxide, to be mixed with Artègo oxidizers only in cases where intermediate volumes are desired and the other volumes diluted. Maximum stability over time.

Specifically formulated for mixtures with:
IT’S COLOR permanent color,
bleaching powders NO AM and X-Light .

Fast and complete release of the oxidant, the mixture does not swell.


1000 ml .

Available in 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes.

Formula enriched with lanolin for a better cosmetic result and greater protection of the hair fiber. Protective cosmetic substances are present inside.

Shake well before use, mix it in different proportions according to the desired volume.


Oxygen 0 volumes

To dilute the other volumes and obtain intermediate volumes

Oxygen 10 volumes

To darken

To lighten up to 1 level

To precolor 1: 1 with oxygen 0 vol

To re-pig or pre-pigment

Oxygen 20 volumes

To darken

To lighten 1 to 2 levels

To cover white hair

Oxygen 30 volumes

To lighten 2 to 3 levels

To cover tough white hair

To enhance the reflections

Oxygen 40 volumes

To lighten 3 to 4 levels

To lighten up to 4/5 levels

With super-lighteners at 40 volts. 1: 2