Easy Care T Dream Pre-Shampoo

Easy Care T Dream Pre-Shampoo

Phytotherapy treatments


Deep cleansing shampoofor skin and hair with slightly alkaline PH 8.

Acts deep and brings naturalness back to the hair, freeing it of impurities or residuals of previous treatments.

Also prepares hair for reconstruction treatment with an alkaline pH that promotes cuticle opening.


Single format: 1000 ml .

Jojoba oil purifying and protective for the skin, with conditioning action;
Avocado oil with calming and nourishing properties;
Wasabi it soothes the scalp and helps the color last longer;
Sericin it makes a protective layer over the hair making the hair soft, shiny and velvety.

Apply to wet hair. Massage gently for 2/3 minutes, then rinse. Repeat as necessary.