Easy Care T Balance Mask

Easy Care T Balance Mask

Phytotherapy treatments


Ultra-rebalancing anti-seizure maskfor skin and roots, enriched with essential oil of white thyme, sweet orange and rosemary, menthol and camphor, suitable for sensitive and easily irritable skin.

Refresh and purify, rebalancing the skin.


Single format: 150 ml.

Consisting of:
rosemary that invigorates the hair;
sweet orange , which has a purifying action on the scalp;
white thyme, that acts as a tonic and astringent.
The product consists of the aromatherapy principles of the patchouli, whose aroma is a natural anti-stress and gives a sense of relaxation, and of the Bulgarian rose, which gives a feeling of deep pleasure.

With wet hair, distribute the product on the scalp and roots. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.