My color reflex

Direct coloration multi-functional gel

New generation pigments, resistant to oxidation yet mixable with permanent colorations.

No alkaliners nor oxidants to highly respect the hair structure: Natural waxes, vegetal oils and glycerin to give protection, softness, shine, so that the product does not stain the scalp.



Unique size: 200 ml.

Special shades

  • Green: it gives a vivid green reflex to level 9 gold hair.
  • Blue: it gives a bl ue reflex to level 10 bleached hair. On grey hair, it gives a very light blue reflex. It neutralizes yellow and yellow-orange reflexes. It enriches every shade with a cold reflex.
  • Plum: it gives the hair a plum reflex.
  • Neutral: it dilutes the pigments of the shade with whom it is mixed with, softening its result.
  • Silver: it counteracts the yellowish effect on grey hair and of the streaks on the lighter bases (it may be necessary to mix with neutral).
  • Violet: it gives a vivid reflex and it may be useful to eliminate the yellow and orange reflexes given by 6 and 7 levels treaks.