Rescue Shampoo


This new shampoo not only gives hair a beautiful, sensual feel, but also strengthens it at the same time using the innovative active ingredient Vitaplex™.

The natural organic complex contains an extract of red and brown seaweed as well as sea-glycogens: a mixture ideal for cell regeneration, strengthening of the hair, and for fantastic resilience.

Perfect for breathing life into your hair and also into the mood of your clients.


Available in two sizes: 250 and 1000 ml.


The Essentials of Phytotherapy

  • Seaweed. Contains mineral salts and strengthens the effectiveness of the ingredients (Vitaplex™).
  • Ginseng, Ginkgo and Burdock. Stimulate capillary circulation (Trichogen™).
  • Soy. Contains proteins and enzymes for the regrowth of hair (Trichogen™).
  • Cinnamon. Strong anti-bacterial properties (Trichogen™).

The Essentials of Aromatherapy

  • Vetiver*. Fragrance that enhances concentration and mental strength.
    * perennial sweet grass with oriental origins