Clarity Fluid
Pretreatment balancing fluid for the scalp

The easy-to-use liquid formula is the perfect pretreatment for persistent dandruff. It has a balancing effect while also serving as the perfect foundation for the use of shampoo and mask. The new formula works directly on hair and scalp by controlling the growth of yeast, for example, while also perfectly cleansing the scalp.


100 ml

The Essentials of Phytotherapy

  • Tea Tree Oil. Cleans deeply and effectively with a balancing effect.
  • White Thyme. Stabilizes and cleanses.

The Essentials of Aromatherapy

  • Sandalwood. The aroma brings peace and serenity. Fosters creativity and intuition.
  • Tobacco. This aroma conveys warmth and well-being. Lends radiance.

+ Hexamidine Diisethionate: Innovative active ingredient that accelerates the elimination of dandruff.