Artègo doesn’t only mean quality, but also training, creativity, skills and sharing.

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One of the channels we mostly use in Artègo to describe our company’s activities is out Facebook page ,
where we try to tell, with a careful glance and behind the scenes, our products, our news, and the new collections we create.

The idea of ArtègoLife

Facebook is also the platform that allowed us to contact many hairstylists and colorist all over the world:
true artists that use our products to make their customers look beautiful.

Since we were often receiving pictures from Facebook users, over the years, we decided to create the
Group “ArtègoLife”, a community open to colorists and hairstylist to share their best pictures; the group
has a few and simple rules, so that this community can be efficient at its best and reach its objective.

The rules: 4 + 1

  • Share the pictures of your work stating which Artègo products you used and pointing out the exact formulas;
  • If possible, it would be best to post the “before” and “after” of your work, so that everyone can appreciate and tell the final result from the starting point;
  • We ask every user not to share more than one post per day, so to avoid that annoying “spam effect”towards fellow members;
  • Please avoid seasoning your posts with “call to actions” meant at obtaining private contacts or references to Artègo Official: we are part of this group to share thoughts and ideas, not to promote ourselves.

Every week the Artègo marketing dept will share the best works published on our Official Facebook page: this is a way to thank you and grant you the visibility you deserve.

Last, but not least the most important rule: have fun! We like to create in this group, to play with Artègo products, to invent and give life to innovative and unique styles. Don’t ever stop amazing us!

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