RAIN DANCE sensory journey arises from NATURE and takes shape through the unique textures of its creams and the innovative yet efficient gentle action of its formulation, for immediate results; aromas are sensual: CASSIA and LEMONGRASS EXTRACTS, directly from India.
The line is composed by 3 different families: washing & conditioning, styling & finishing and extra-specialties. The last one is the most particular one due to the distinctiveness of the active principles of its two products.


WASHING & CONDITIONING – to wash and condition as nature intended


Illuminating shampoo and conditioner, prolonging color intensity enhancing its shine. Furthermore they condition the hair restoring its natural softness.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: the main ingredient of this family is QUINOA  – herbaceous plant originating from Peru with an elevated content of essential Amino acids, Proteins and Mineral Salts; it enhance color retention inside the hair fiber.

The products also contain plant origin surfactant, conditioning; Tsubaki, Argan and Camellia essential oils, hydrating and softening; Silk proteins, illuminating.



Cream hydrating shampoo and conditioner, softening the hair leaving it silky, soft and shiny.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: the characterizing principle is LUSTRECOMPLEX, similar to an oil but not greasy; it has a filming action on the hair surface, ensuring combability, shine and granting an anti-frizz effect.

Hydra conditioner contains AQ Save chestnut extracts, rich in nourishing elements such as carbohydrates, mineral salts, vitamin, proteins, aminoacids. It films the hair, conditioning and repairing it; it also gives the hair water retaining power, so enhancing the hydration. Tzubaki, Argan and Camellia essential oils, part of the formulations, hydrate and soften; Silk proteins, illuminate; amino acids mix, hydrate.



Volumizing cream shampoo; it restores strenght and light to thin hair making it soft, light and deeply conditioned.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: the main product ingredient is MARINE COLLAGEN, a substance composed by essential Omega 3 fat acids and hair filming proteins; it causes hair diameter thickening without adding weight. It has a strong anti oxidant action.

Furthermore, the formulation contains Glycerol and Erythritol, plumping; Tzubaki, Argan and Camellia essential oils, hydrating and softening; Silk proteins, illuminating.


STYLING & FINISHING – a final touch of natural beauty


Molding mousse. It defines the hair, eliminates frizz effect and ensures an optimal hold. It confers the best softness and elasticity to the hair.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: the main ingredient is Green Coffee, an exquisite raw Arabica coffee blend, made of green desiccated seeds. Green coffee seeds are rich in substances with a powerful biochemical action, with strong hair anti oxidant and anti ageing substances.

But there’s more inside: Keratin, softening; Silk proteins, illuminating and conditioning. Cornstarch, anti-frizz effect.



All-in-one no rinse spray, to untangle and condition the hair daily. It repairs the hair external structure without adding weight.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: the main ingredient of the product is HYDROLIZED KERATIN, similar to keratin but carefully ground; it firmly bonds with keratin and it repairs the smallest amino acid missing segments on the hair stalk.

But there’s more inside: Organic certified Tsubaki, Argan and Camellia oils, hydrating and softening; Sericin, illuminating; Amino acids mix, untangling and conditioning.



No rinse beauty oil, sealing and thermal protective; it gives shine and softness to the hair without adding weight. Perfect before or after blow-drying.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: the products main ingredients are Organic certified Tzubaki, Argan and Camellia oils, hydrating and softening. Sericin, illuminating.




EXTRA SPECIALTIES – special for nature


Beyond being a beauty finish this cream has a repumpling and molding action that will surprise you. It also films the hair fiber strengthening the hair and repairing from UV rays, from heat and carrying out an antioxidant action.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: product’s main ingredient is RICE OIL, a summary of beneficial properties to get shiny, tidy, molded but mostly regenerated hair, both on the stalk and on the tips; it protects from oxidation, UV rays, heat and dryness.

Moreover, the product contains Organic certified Tzubaki, Argan and Camellia oils, hydrating and softening. Sericin, illuminating.



Rebirth elixir for your hair. Flagship product and great news on the market; it has a very big IPSTIC concentration, that strenghtens the hair accelerating its growth and acting on the scalp noirishing it in depth and stimulating the blood circulation towards the follicles. It also has an antioxidant and anti-inflamatory action.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: besides IPSTIC COMPLEX, with Oregano, Tea, Capsicum and Soy Protein extracts, that act as growth simulator and anti-inflammatory; Hyaluronic acid, reinforcing, the product’s main ingredient is

GINSENG: its root extract has revitalizing properties for subcutaneous microcirculation, and reviving for hair growth metabolism, and HYALURONIC ACID, with a strengthening action.

Live the RAIN DANCE beauty experience, and be guided by NATURE’S TIME.