The whole line is made of healthy and complete products; three simple gestures dedicated to all those who want to safeguard the beauty of their hair endangered by prolonged sun exposure and chlorine.

With Sunrise you will get the hydration and protection you deserve, and you will still enjoy summer at its best. An essential source of shine and nourishment, also ideal for those who want to protect their color.

SUN PROTECTIVE OIL to protect during sun exposure, NOURISHING HAIR&BODY SHAMPOO to gently cleanse the hair and the skin, RESTORING NO RINSE FLUID to light up and nourish the hair. Three products acting together thanks to a special and unique mix born from the merger of two valuable components of natural origin: Ecocert certified Chia and Argan oil, a warranty of the components’ highest quality and  og their organic and natural origin, as well as environmental respect during row material’s processing.

Chia Oil is obtained cold pressing the seeds of a South American herbaceous plant, Hispanic sage. It has been used for centuries from Mayas and Incas’ ancient civilizations in South America, and considered to be a sacred nourishment. “Chia” meant “strength” in the ancient Maya language, and today this element it has been re-discovered for its great nourishing power. It is a great source of calcium, proteins, amino acids, omega 3 (important to fight cholesterol), omega 6 (blood detox and hair and nails growth), mineral salts and B, D and E vitamins. The great quantity of plant antioxidants contained in this oil counteracts UV rays and protects color, both natural and cosmetic, reducing color and shine respectively fading by 26% and 14%. It repairs damaged fibers from photo-oxidation, acting as a big “shield”.

Argan Oil in obtained instead from stone and hand grinding of the seeds of Argania Spinosa, a giant tree that exclusively grows in the south-west of Morocco (Sous area); considered to be a natural and secret beauty elixir, it is used in cosmetics to preserve skin’s hydration and to prevent its ageing, giving energy, shine and thickness to thin hair without adding weight.  Rich in fat acids, it acts on the hair like a barrier preventing an excessive water evaporation and allowing a constant hydration. It counteracts oxygen and UV rays’ free radicals oxidations, turning out to be an outstanding guardian for the hair in general.

Let yourself be captivated by the clean summer Energy and by SUNRISE Hair Care System – for the beauty that your hair deserves.