The dresses that walked the catwalk for the spring/ summer collection all have one thing in common: elegance. Among the new color proposals one prevails; the one that can exalt lines and textures at the most; the one that glorifies elegance and charm, sensuality and womanliness in every dress: black.

Always symbol of elegance and luxury, back from the america of the ‘50s, black is the color of fame, creativity, power. the total black is since then a uniform for musicians and movie stars.

Artègo is inspired by the trend that exalts a memorable, mysterious and cryptic color, that can disguise an identity or reveal creative, transgressive and cheerful personalities and presents:


Subtle, deep, elegant, minimalist. Black never goes unnoticed, and envelops in allure those who wear it. What follows is an overview of our black icons, who took pride in making black their distinctive sign.



Black is the indisputable leader on the catwalks, mostly on light chiffon or elegant lace , that makes this dark color surprisingly summery. Orange is the choice of many stylist to convey energy while yellow, that evokes serenity, confirms itself as one of the best colors to wear in spring. Shiny colors such as red, pink, light blue and cerulean, enrich the palette for the good weather season.