Welcome: let the journey begin.

We want to start together and we want to start from what we are, from what we see towards the horizon and what we would like to do in a changing and challenging world.

We want to share the values that drive us from the inside and go beyond what is visible, to pave our way to  change and innovation through our proposals, concrete project and actions; with you, step by step, with an eye on the world.


We think that people can make the difference: with their skills, experiences, commitment and enthusiasm.
We believe in the importance of research and innovation; in respecting the world, our fellows, knowledge and experience.
This optimistic vision guides us and unveils the horizon; and this same journey towards the infinity enriches us with beauty.



It encapsulates our essence, it contains our promise, it surrounds our space.

Artègo evolves into a brand: it carries our history and our values, and it is going to shape our future. Likewise, the logo changes too, representing our proposal for a reform, for us to become upstanding interpreters of a new way of understanding and creating beauty.


The idea behind CARE FOR BEAUTY expresses our vision, our promise, our abstract and concrete space; it expresses a new way of being beauty professionals, gifted with creative energy and able to renew their professionalism, in the eyes of a customer who changes its conducts, habits, preferences and needs.
CARING IS A BEAUTY GESTURE; a sign of love, respect and life.
Likewise, an Artègo hairstylist creates beauty infusing professionalism into his job and caring for customers, from their hair to any other aspect: the salon he welcomes them in, the interaction, the final beauty result.

The small precious GOLD RECTANGLE represents and encapsulates our project for a NEW SALON CONCEPT, one that evolves and leads into becoming a gratifying beauty space for the final customer: elegant, simple, cozy; full of knowledge, experience, care and beauty. Salon-spaces where experience, expertise, care are all perceived in every touch, treatment and beauty procedure; all this complemented by surroundings he will also live through the settings, the attention and the customized services.

The customer that comes back to our salon does it because he chose us, because he feels the place like his own; he is satisfied by the complete beauty experience he lived in the salon: a synthesis of what he sees, feels, lives and gets.
That’s why both the box and its content are important: both the physical space where the customer walks in and the salon proposal’s subject.



A path that flows into giving value to our hairdressers with products, high performance ranges and advanced training.  TO KNOW AND LEARN HOW TO WORK AT OUR VERY BEST.
We want our salons to develop through innovative tools and formats for the growth (in sync with this field’s market evolution), and with a constant support so that the salon becomes a unique beauty space where the customer returns with pleasure and trust.
In a constantly changing world, the salon must transform itself and keep the pace in order to remain a beauty temple. We want to propose salon tools capable of offering: beauty, functionality, solutions, incentives and ideas, customer satisfaction and professional gratification.
Our common goal is to turn the Artègo space into a distinctive sign that can give customers a complete beauty experience, made of expertise, quality, care, attention, professionalism.


JOIN US… the journey has just begun.