Summer is here: find out how to get perfect wavy hair with ARTÈGO PARAMETER T

Summer is finally here: we feel it on our skin, in our heart and body; in the scent of flowers, of beach, of freedom, of holidays, of energy. It is our need of change and wellness, of dynamism and vitality.

Artègo stands beside you in the search for season’s free and soft beauty: that’s why we propose PARAMETER T, the soft waving mousse that gives body, movement and volume to the hair, 4 to 8 weeks long.

Whom do we offer ARTÈGO PARAMETER T to?

  • to women who want thicker and stronger hair, naturally cared for
  • to the ones who want to add softness and movement to their hairstyles
  • to who wants to play with elastic curls, forgetting nasty frizzy hair
  • to those who want volume and movement in their manes


This treatment will surprise you and your customers for its extraordinary result and the extreme care for the hair: it acts gently thanks to cysteamine; it is also ammonia and thioglycolates free. Furthermore, since it doesn’t have a neutralizing step, it allows to customize the service according to the hair type and the desired result: from a defined curly look to natural and light movement.


Let the “Soft Revolution” show itself in your Salon and get inspired by the 3 different looks we created; satisfy the need of every woman for volume and movement:

Three solutions to find the right style for every head, for every hair type and personality.

The service will be even more complete with the help of the Bi-Ball rollers that, thanks to their special shape, allow you to wrap the hair on a multiple axis, not a static one; according to the technique and the application method you will choose, then, with the help of this roller you will be able to leave the hair length unchanged.

ARTÈGO PARAMETER T and BI-BALL, the perfect match between a one-of-a-kind product and innovative easy-to-use tool that will grant you the right movement, the volume and the soft waves that women love and yearn for, especially during summer. All this fully respecting the hair.