ARTÈGO SUNRISE, the line of products designed to protect the hair under the sun

One morning you look out the window and realize that the sunlight shines strongly; a gentle and cool hair brushes your skin; the world outside is permeated by a magical and energetic dim light: SUMMER HAS FINALLY COME.

The motivation instilled by the good season is a chance to reawaken the beauty of your customers’ hair.

Help them live this moment fully; help them feel protected and beautiful thanks to ARTÈGO SUNRISE.

Three exclusive products that, thanks to the natural active action of Argan Oil, Jojoba and Wild Rose, help maintaining healthy and shiny hair, shielding and protecting it from prolonged sun exposure and atmospheric agents.

A magical rite that evokes a wonderful vacation feeling. Three steps that foster a wellness sensation and an energy boost that just a relaxing day off can give, without renouncing to the right protection and hydration:

  • A PROTECTIVE OIL, the first step to take when at the swimming pool, sea side or when you’re walking in the sun, to protect the hair from sun exposure and external agents. It can be also used as an after sun lotion to restore shine and freshness to the skin;
  • A SHAMPOO, that turns a daily ritual into a healthy and treating moment for the hair, restoring elasticity and hydration;
  • A CONDITIONER, that as last step helps preventing free radicals formation, soothing and calming the hair from UV rays exposure, nourishing deeply.

Every time you will use these products you will feel light heartedness, relax and joy: feelings evoked by the sweet, gentle and fresh fragrance of citrus and frangipani.

From now on sunrays exposure, wind, chlorine and salt will no longer be a problem, because with Artègo SUNRISE you will have the right answer to give to all those customers who want to glimmer beauty and prepare for summer with the best ally for their hair protection.

Let sun shine through and let wellness rise again with ARTÈGO SUNRISE.