17 October 2019

What does Beauty mean for Artègo? It is an aspiration, a dream, a journey. Or maybe it’s just you. You, who today have decided to take care and dedicate time to yourself. You gaze at the mirror to look at yourself, outside and inside: have you decided what to change?

To play the game you need firm points, certainties. You want to rely on natural ingredients as much as possible without giving up transgression; you want your hair to be healthy and protected, no longer stressed. You want to satisfy your ecological sensitivity, because you also help keep the environment clean. And finally you have to choose in whose hands to entrust your certainties.

In Artègo’s, of course.

Products and hairdressers who are in line with what you want and expect.
Let your journey begin.

Artègo offers solutions that guarantee highly professional results with products designed and created thanks to a long work of phyto-technological research. All with a green vocation.

Beauty Fusion is the innovative and ground-breaking color line, natural up to 99%, with 63 shades ranging from tone on tone to 100% coverage. Biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Botanical Henna, a mix of coloring herbs and fruits with an ancient tradition to give color, shine and strength to the hair. Fully respecting the client’s health and the environment.

Rain Dance, a heap of research and innovation, where phyto-technology has produced extraordinary results: washing and treatment to revitalize, hydrate, protect…the full potential of herbs and natural active ingredients for the highest level of beauty performance.

Fully recyclable packaging.