TRAIN THE TRAINER (September 8, 9, 10 – 2019)

12 September 2019

A new “Dream Team” is leading the professional growth of our international trainers; made of 12 people, it made its debut during the latest “Train the Trainer” meeting, held in Pomezia, which hosted 60 people from 30 different countries.

Train the Trainers

Three days of very hard work, focused on great color projects, stylistic sessions, but mostly a tangible understanding among professionals, who prioritized their desire to share knowledge over any possible difference in age, language or culture…

Artègo values knowledge as one of its founding pillars, and this Train the Trainer meeting was an invaluable experience to share and grow, professionally: “Know, Know-how, Know better”, under the sign of our claim, CARE FOR BEAUTY. Our best wishes to the new training team and to all Artègo international trainers, to endure your enthusiasm, passion and tireless attitude over time.

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