14 May 2019

Colors and fragrances explosion are always a surprise. A pleasure that renewes itself, as if it was the first time. Stylists find an endless inspiration source in nature’s awakening, inebriated from the total involvement of their senses. It’s impossible to resist their call.

We are facing the praise of freedom, the desire to escape ad the yearn for sensuality that shines through collections: it seems like they suggest and invoke a contact (almost physical) with nature.

No more shoes, but low sandals. Some stylists risk flip flops under a cocktail dress. Lightness everywhere, see-through fabrics, sometimes even opalescent and translucent; pastel shades like pink, green, turquoise, canary yellow, orange, with touches of beige and navy blue. Not giving up on warm, vibrant, saturated colors, not even on total black.

Our body is finally free, and that is the message that prevails: sensuality – bodysuits, tank tops, culottes, laces and tulle mini-dresses – meets dynamism and relax. The elegance of freedom, without excesses.

This invitation to freedom gets us, as inspirational motif, to a contemporary revision of the ‘70s, a symbolic era for the total transgression in lifestyle, compared to the strictness of previous years, which had been more traditional.

Rock music, in all its forms; psychedelic lights and their sparkles; those eccentric outfits with graphic contrasts and the softness of fabrics: these is the inspiration to our latest fashion collection…