The new bleaching product from DECO BEAUTY

8 May 2019

LOVELY LIGHT BLEACHING CREAM is the new creamy bleaching product from DECO BEAUTY line.

Formulated in Artègo phyto-cosmetic labs, it bleaches the hair gently with the help of botanical principles, making the hair shiny and soft. It’s creamy texture make the application smooth and easier, also thanks to the product’s pleasant fragrance.

LOVELY LIGHT BLEACHING CREAM does not contain any pigment and its formulation is enriched with corn proteins, castor oil and beeswax, and beside protecting the hair it prepares it for following treatments. Panthenol and Calendula carry out an efficient conditioning and cosmetic action, bold yet gentle.

These are the features that ensure the quality of professional work, making this most suitable bleaching product to be used in case of weak hair or sensitive scalp.


LOVELY LIGHT BLEACHING CREAM has replaced Lovely Light Bleaching Paste, keeping the same bleaching features.