Fall/Winter Collection 2018 – 2018: BE TO BECOME

11 December 2018

Fashion is always moving. Lines, textures, colors: they go across time and interpret it. Imagination makes wearing a dress a touching and surprising discovery every time. Trend setters and trend followers: the challenge is on for this year, looking for something new not disregarding the past. It’s not “Amarcord”, not yet a “nostalgia operation”, but it means reinterpreting the link with history, to understand the present and its flux.

A difficult endeavor for the big Maisons, which are loyal to their style yet feel the need to redefine it. It’s probably simpler for followers, always looking for visibility, those for who “any press is good press”, closer to the “social media soul” of the public they want to address and conquer. The silver thread linking this déjà-vu with contemporaneity is a field of research and contest: creativity, beauty, tailor-made experiences, they all hung by a marketing chain. The “weapons” of this challenge change, new influencers come on board, but at the end the trump card keeps remaining the grandeur that only fashion can convey.


This is the title Artègo chose for next season’s color proposal.


2018/2019 F/W runways are all about a style mixing feminine and masculine energies, as well as streetwear and tailor made clothing; nothing is forbidden anymore, everything is allowed. Stylists’ suggestions are many and diverse; details overlap: feathers, tassels, fringes and logos; references to the past: nostalgia and innovation, plus a yearn for color to tackle wintry melancholia.