RAIN DANCE, Nature’s time | So wonderful, so natural.

10 September 2018

RAIN DANCE, Nature’s time | So wonderful, so natural.
Time has come to reconcile with our natural pace, to recover energy and dynamism: Artègo natural time has come.

The new Rain Dance line stems from a deep phyto-scientific research activity and aims at reaching the perfect balance between the efficacy of science and the beneficial effect of natural elements: what we developed are real PRODUCT-TREATMENTS. What we created is an atmosphere of deep sensory satisfaction that leads to a gratifying care and beauty experience, where to find wellness for body and soul; a place to cuddle ourselves and get contaminated by natural harmony to regain a balance, inside and outside.

RAIN DANCE will captivate you with its gentle yet efficient and focused formulations to reconcile ourselves with our rhythm and our well-being. And Rain Dance embraces and develops the best that both Nature and Science have to offer: the extraordinary BLOOMING COMPLEX, result of the synergy between 3 NATURAL ORGANIC CERTIFIED OILS (Tsubaki, Argan and Camellia), SILK PROTEINS and the exclusive IPSTIC®, a mix of advanced active principles discovered and patented from the University of Calabria exclusively for Artègo to help and favor a healthy, strong and natural hair growth.

A perfect enchanting harmony that engages with its sweet FRAGRANCES, its cosmetic TEXTURES, its EFFICIENT FORMULATIONS and its extraordinary BEAUTY PERFORMANCES. Each product-treatment is characterized by specific natural ingredients that maximizes its efficacy and its beauty outcome, plus the incredible BLOOMING COMPLEX growth accelerator.

In RAIN DANCE natural awareness becomes care towards ourselves and the environment. This is because all the products that constitute the line are SLS/SLES, PARABEN, PARAFFIN, PETROCHEMICALS, COCAMIDE DEA AND THIAZOLINONES FREE (all elements that can be aggressive for the scalp and cause allergies), and so each and every Rain Dance product respects the balance and the health of the hair. But there’s more! Yes, because in Artègo the whole manufacturing process is GREEN and SUNSTAINABLE, using 100% green energy (from renewable sources) and the paper used for the new Rain Dance line is FSC® certified (sourced from responsibly managed forests).

Nature’s time has come, and in the upcoming articles we will dig into the secrets of the new RAIN DANCE line and its precious ingredients.


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