Live the Parameter T Soft Revolution

15 May 2018

Live the Parameter T Soft Revolution
Discover a preview of this summer trend: Parameter T waving mousse, to give your hair soft and natural movement
The first warm winds, the days get longer…summer is just around the corner. The scent of the sea, the salty taste of our skin…and an unstoppable desire to lay in the sun. If you are craving regeneration or you’re just looking for a new way to feel better, we have the right solution for you: try Parameter T waving mousse!

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Moviment and volume from 4 to 8 weeks

Parameter T is the perfect choice to give a new texture to the hair, creating waves, movement and volume lasting 4 to 8 weeks.

Parameter T waving mousse is the right solution if you desire:

  •  A light yet elegant and stylish change;
  • Give volume, support and movement to the hair;
  • Reducing frizz and defining curls at their best;
  • Easing the brushing and the hairstyle

Cysteamine in the use of Parameter T

Compared to traditional perms, our mousse has no thioglycolates, acidic substances commonly associated to ammonia which, if exceeding at the base of the hair, can cause its breakage. The active principle used in the waving mousse is instead cysteamine, a natural ingredient derived from cysteine, an amino acid that can gently shape the hair respecting its structure. A soft revolution, precisely.

Parameter T can be used to create four different looks, suitable for different hair and needs: beach waves, mixed waves, long waves and, 2017 news, beach waves amplified.

If you love the movement the sea waves create, make yourself a gift: a natural and soft movement for your hair which respects its structure at the same time; the perfect solution for…a soft revolution!

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