Follow Artègo on Social Media

15 May 2018

Follow Artègo on Social Media

5+1 reasons to follow your favorite brand on social media platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, only to mention the most famous ones. Our daily life is so absorbed by social media we almost don’t realize it. We share our pictures, our memories, we follow our favorite brands: and if you’re here, we’re sure you are an Artègo follower!

We use our social channels (especially Facebook and Instagram) to keep you posted about what’s new in the company: to introduce new products, reveal our “behind the scene”, come into contact with our followers and, furthermore, show the whole world what can be achieved using our products.

Here are the 5 (+1) reasons to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

1. Find out what’s new

A new event? A new video? We like to do a real time story-telling of our company on Facebook, give you previews of our fashion collections, packshots of new products and describe upcoming and past events.

2. Get a closer look on new products

One of the things that we like the most when we launch a new line is disclosing products: describing how to use them, their features, their scents and what makes them unique. That is what we have been doing with Touch over the last weeks, and what we will do in the future with new lines!

3. The company behind the scenes

Raise your hand if you never thought about entering a company you love and appreciate its developments and step forwards in products creation. We like to do it on Facebook with our #InsideArtègo videosexclusive shots showing how products are packed, so that our fans feel closer to our manufacturing process.

4. Do you have a doubt? We are here for you

We receive daily queries from our fans: on where to buy our products, for example, or how to use them in the best way. If you have any doubts or requests do not hesitate to send us a message through our platforms.

5. Display your work creations!

We talked about Artègo Life over the last few weeks, and we care about it so much that Friday turned out to be a special day for us, the best moment to show the world the wonderful works our International hairdressers (from Usa, to Australia and South America) realized with Artègo products. It’s our way of saying thanks to you and give you new inspiration.

5+1. Don’t miss any news!

A few days ago, Facebook announced some changes to its algorithm: on your feed you’ll see more statuses, pics and videos by your family and friends and less posts shared by the Pages you like. Unfortunately ours, too!

If you want keep following our contents and never miss a news, you’re just two clicks away. Go on our page and:

  1. click on “Following”;
  2. then, select the option “See first” in the “Your Feed” menù.

Is everything clear? We are waiting for you on our platforms: